[vsnet-alert 8807] Re: Possible NewNova/Dwarf Nova in Cet - ChartError

Bernard Heathcote bd-heath at bigpond.net.au
Mon Jan 23 13:14:01 JST 2006

Hi Mike,
Do you mean (a) there is no object 5' West of the nova, or (b) there is no 
star there?
My A2 and GSC catalogues, and the DSS, show a mag 10 galaxy at that spot 
(4.6', PA263 deg).

Bernard Heathcote

>I did a visual estimate of the object at v=12.9 and a quick check of the 
>new AAVSO chart shown below. The bright 9-ish
> magnitude "star" shown on the chart about 5 arcmin W of the object does 
> not exist!

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