[vsnet-alert 8809] ASAS 023321.4-104704 observations at CBA Pretoria

Berto Monard LAGMonar at csir.co.za
Mon Jan 23 18:04:10 JST 2006

Dear observers,

Last night under intermittent cloud, more than two hours of unfiltered timeseries photometrey were conducted at CBA Pretoria on ASAS 023321.4-104704. 
The observations did not show a clear modulation in the light curve but there may be an indication of hump growth towards the end of the run, when risky weather forced me to close up. 
The mean magnitude dropped from 12.6CR to 12.64CR.

As C star I used the star 4' NNW of V (11.6R / 11.9V on AAVSO chart), as K star the one 2.5' SSE of V (13.0R / 13.3V on AAVSO chart). Both are non-red and of suitable brightness for differential photometry.

It's unlikely that I will be able to follow up on it tonight. Hopefully one of you will.


Berto Monard
Bronberg Observatory / CBA Pretoria

PS I like the sight of the nearby early type spiral with that imposter star just North of the bulge. 

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