[vsnet-alert 8830] Re: Superhumps in ASAS102522-1542.4

Howard E. Bond bond at stsci.edu
Tue Jan 31 03:49:28 JST 2006

Dear colleagues,

A spectrogram of ASAS J102522-1542.4 covering 3500-5300 A was obtained by A.
Pasten, on behalf of F. Walter and myself, using the SMARTS 1.5m telescope at
Cerro Tololo on 2006 Jan. 29.18.

The spectrum shows broad, shallow absorption lines of the Balmer series and He I
4471 A.  This is typical of a dwarf nova at maximum light, and confirms ASAS
J102522-1542.4 as a new member of the dwarf-nova class.

best regards,
Howard E. Bond
Space Telescope Science Institute

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