[vsnet-alert 8934] Re: V1141 Aql in outburst

Akira Imada a_imada at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Tue Jun 20 23:27:51 JST 2006

Dear Colleagues,

A short period UGSU star V1141 Aql is still bright. Kyoto team
has succeeded in observing the object. The magnitude of the 
variable is about 15.3. 

Although the target is relatively faint, time-resolved CCD 
photometries are encouraged.

Best Regards,
Akira Imada
VSNET Collaboration Team

> Dear Colleagues,
> According to Rod's report, a short period SU UMa-type 
> dwarf nova V1141 Aql is in outburst. Kyoto team confirmed 
> this. Judging from the magnitude, the present outburst may
> be a superoutburst. If so, this is a good opportunity to 
> perform high speed photometry. 
> > AQLV1141       060619.533   150  Stu.RASNZ outburst
> More information about V1141 Aql is published by Olech (2003).
> Best Regards,
> Akira Imada

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