[vsnet-alert 9356] Blazar PKS 1749+096 in outburst

Stefan Karge s.karge at gmx.net
Wed May 16 22:03:33 JST 2007

Blazar PKS 1749+096 in outburst

I like to report an outburst of blazar 
PKS 1749+096 = OT 081 = 4C 09.57
showing up to 14.11 m.

25-Apr-2007, 23h55 UT:  14.12 CV (0.02),  24" (2x20sec)
08-May-2007, 04h56 UT:  14.11 CV (0.03),  14" (1x100sec)
16-May-2007, 00h13 UT:  14.52 CV (0.02),  24" (2x20sec)

This outburst is of special interest in two ways:
First it has been lasting for an unusually long 
period, instead of an expected short peak. 
Secondly, to my knowledge, this is the brightest 
state of OT 081 ever recorded.

Observations were done with CCD unfiltered, reduced
with v-mag sequence (Fiorucci et al. 1998),
24" = Taunus Obs., MPC B01, Frankfurt, Germany,
14" = Bradford Robotic Telescope, Tenerife.

clear skies,

Stefan Karge


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