[vsnet-alert 9425] HT Cam Outburst Comfirmed

Akira Arai arai-akira at hiroshima-u.ac.jp
Wed Jul 25 05:29:16 JST 2007

We comfirmed the outburst of HT Cam using our 1.5m KANATA telescope with
HT Cam is 4-5mag brighter than its quiescence (about 18mag).

HT Cam is currently 13.5mag.
This is fainter than the value reported by P.Schmeer ( V = 12.6 mag ).
The decline phase has already began.

UT Mag Merr band
20070724.76097 13.54 0.05 V

Akira Arai, Makoto Uemura
Hiroshima Univ. Japan.

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