[vsnet-alert 9787] VY Scl outburst

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Wed Jan 2 13:09:02 JST 2008

   According to Mike Linnolt (AAVSO Discussion), VY Scl is reported
to be unusually bright (V=11.8).

   This object (VY Scl-type prototype) shows relatively large
variation.  For example, ASAS-3 recorded V=12.23 on 2004 June 29,
which looks like an outburst.  ASAS-3 also recorded five outbursts
in 2002 (amplitudes typically 1 mag or slightly less, intervals
1.5-3 months).  Historically, Koshiro-san probably recorded this
type of variation in 1988 November (reaching mag 12.2).

   Such behavior has not been documented (as far as I know) and
apparently needs further study.

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