[vsnet-alert 9887] Re: SMC3 in eclipse?

Brian Skiff bas at aspen.lowell.edu
Wed Feb 6 12:52:08 JST 2008

>>  > 0 48 20.00 -73 31 52.1  (J2000, 2MASS)

>     I wondered if this position reflects the cluster center or
>     weighted center with this object rather than the
>     object itself (not sure).

     Have a look at large-scale DSS images and 2MASS J-band image,
via Goddard SkyView or some other image-server.  The red component
of the symbiotic booms right out in the J-band image, thus making
the 2MASS coordinates rather accurate.  The cluster center is
somewhat to the northeast, roughly  0 48 21.2 -73 31 49  +/- ~2".
(This is NGC 269, by the way.)


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