[vsnet-alert 9889] 1RXS J053234.9+624755: onset of rebrightening?

Makoto Uemura uemuram at hiroshima-u.ac.jp
Wed Feb 6 18:21:56 JST 2008

1RXS J053234.9+624755: onset of rebrightening?

The object on 5 Feb was ~0.6 mag brighter than that on 4 Feb.

YYYYMMDD(UT)    mag.   err.
20080204.42015 15.83V 0.04 Higashi-Hiroshima Observatory
20080205.65418 15.25V 0.05 Higashi-Hiroshima Observatory

The color rapidly got bluer. 
It may be a sign of a major rebrightening.
Follow-up observations are encouraged.

We also took ~4-hour time-series run last night. 
The reduction of images is ongoing.

M. Uemura, A. Arai, and M. Sasada
on behalf of the KANATA team
Hiroshima University

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