[vsnet-alert 9906] DA55 aka QSO B0133 +47

Chris Jones cpj at cix.co.uk
Mon Feb 11 18:14:00 JST 2008

Based on my recent attempts to observe this object visually with a 0.46m 
reflector it is just above 16th magnitude and very difficult to separate
from the two c16th magnitude close companions that John Greaves comments

I've been using a USNO A2.0 sequence which appears to be a little faint 
in this field. With a Henden sequence I will typically reach mag 16.3-16.5
whereas in this field against USNO 16.0 can only be glimpsed.

If anybody is aware of a better sequence I would be interested.

ANDDA55         080209.7785    15.9: JCN  USNO2.0 DIFFICULT           
ANDDA55         080209.8201    15.7: JCN  USNO2.0 DIFFICULT           
ANDDA55         080210.7840    15.6: JCN  USNO2.0 DIFFICULT           
ANDDA55         080210.8174    15.9: JCN  USNO2.0 DIFFICULT  


Chris J 

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