[vsnet-alert 9938] Re: Fw: VSX J074727.6+065050 - Another rebrightening

Makoto Uemura uemuram at hiroshima-u.ac.jp
Wed Feb 27 20:50:03 JST 2008

OT_J074727.6+065050: the 6th(?) rebrightening

  We observed J0747+06 last night (26 Feb) using our 25-cm telescope. 
We confirmed the rebrightening of the object reported in [vsnet-alert 9933].

YYYYMMDD(UT)    V mag err
20080226.691726 13.87 0.03  Higashi-Hiroshima Observatory

The rebrightening was first detected at V=14.1 by M. Linnolt. 
Our observation was performed about a half day after the detection. 
The object was slightly getting brighter in the half day. 

Makoto Uemura
on behalf of the KANATA team
Hiroshima University

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