[vsnet-alert 9959] Re: [vsnet-campaign-nova 1868] Possible nova in Sgr

Ulisse Munari ulisse.munari at oapd.inaf.it
Sat Mar 8 05:09:53 JST 2008

Stefano Moretti (ANS Collaboration) just secured CCD images with a robotic
telescope from Australia that do not confirm the presence of anything different
from POSSII images down to approx mag 17.
Best regards
Ulisse Munari

On Thu, 6 Mar 2008, Taichi Kato wrote:

>  According to CBAT's Unconfirmed Observations Page
> (http://www.cfa.harvard.edu/iau/unconf/cbat_unconf.html),
> a new possible nova has been reported in Sgr.
> Position: 182828.85 -161533.2, mag 10.8C.
> No IRAS, 2MASS, MSX object is present at this location,
> suggesting the nova-type nature of the object.
> As has been frequently met recently, this object may be a nova
> during the early rising stage.  Prompt observations are
> strongly encouraged.

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