[vsnet-campaign-nova 1966] V1309 Sco: unusual spectral evolution

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Wed Sep 10 10:28:18 JST 2008

V1309 Sco: unusual spectral evolution

   Fujii-san (Fujii Bisei Observatory) has reported that the Balmer
emission lines diminished on Sep. 9.  The H-beta and H-gamma were
not apparently seen in emission.


   Such an evolution of emission lines in a fading nova is very
unusual.  Detailed observations are strongly encouraged.

  YYYYMMDD(UT)   mag  observer
  20080901.0692 12.012:V (ASAS (Pojmanski, G. 2002, Acta Astron. 52,397))
  20080901.453  116C  (Katsumi Haseda)
  20080902.459   95C  (K. Nishiyama and F. Kabashima)
  20080902.609  105C  (Guoyou Sun and Xing Gao (from IAUC))
  20080902.735  105C  (D. Chekhovich et al.)
  20080902.735  105V  (Kazan State University Astrotel observatory)
  20080903.351   90C  (K. Nishiyama and F. Kabashima)
  20080903.373   95C  (Guoyou Sun and Xing Gao (from IAUC))
  20080903.450   96C  (E. Guido and G. Sostero)
  20080903.465  8.78Rc  (Seiichiro Kiyota)
  20080903.466  8.03Ic  (Seiichiro Kiyota)
  20080903.466  9.56V  (Seiichiro Kiyota)
  20080903.528   88C  (Akira Takao)
  20080903.732   95V  (Kazan State University Astrotel observatory)
  20080903.780   85C  (Vince Tuboly)
  20080903.960   85C  (C. Jacques)
  20080904.453   86C  (Katsumi Haseda)
  20080904.471   80C  (Akira Takao)
  20080905.462   74C  (Akira Takao)
  20080906.419  7.94V  (Hiroshi Itoh)
  20080906.425  7.59V  (Kazuhiro Nakajima)
  20080906.426  6.81Rc  (Kazuhiro Nakajima)
  20080906.429  8.60B  (Kazuhiro Nakajima)
  20080906.432  7.76y  (Kazuhiro Nakajima)
  20080906.510   75C  (Minoru Yamamoto)
  20080907.423  7.76V  (Kazuhiro Nakajima)
  20080907.424  6.96Rc  (Kazuhiro Nakajima)
  20080907.425  8.71B  (Kazuhiro Nakajima)
  20080907.426  7.85y  (Kazuhiro Nakajima)

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