[vsnet-chat 7978] SDSS J210720.91-022145.6

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Fri Jul 13 17:47:03 JST 2018

SDSS J210720.91-022145.6

   Variable in CRTS (17.7-19:, with possible fainter
observations below 20 mag).

Nearby object in Gaia.  M_V range 11-12

210720.920 -022145.74 (2000.0) Gaia_DR2_6916066196140198784 plx=4.866(0.337) dismod=6.6 pmra=28.267(0.848) pmdec=-26.068(0.609) G=18.648 BP=18.616 RP=18.418

NUV=19.875(0.135) FUV=20.458(0.247)

   SDSS colors are in agreement with a short period
dwarf nova in quiescence.  May be an eclipsing object.
In outburst, this object may reach 11 mag.

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