[vsnet-chat 8048] NSVS4621485: long-period eclipsing detached sd binary

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Sat Jul 21 15:36:11 JST 2018

NSVS4621485: long-period eclipsing detached sd binary

ASAS-SN data:

   The true period is 35.729(2) d.  10.4-10.6 reflection
variable outside eclipses.  Eclipses depth 0.6 mag.
Narrow eclipse of 4%.

   The period is the longest known as of 
RKCat 7.24 (31 Dec 2015).  The longest known was
1115+1637, P=30.09.
NSVS4621485 is much brighter and would be a good
target for a further study.

064314.312 +493313.70 (2000.0) Gaia_DR2_991106172188667392 plx=0.908(0.048) dismod=10.2 pmra=0.551(0.081) pmdec=-1.069(0.073) G=10.337 BP=10.689 RP=9.823

Bright in GALEX (notably in FUV):
064314.309 +493312.37 (2000.0) GALEX_DR5_6373660166573786225 NUV=13.351(0.003) FUV=13.536(0.005)

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