[vsnet-recent 170671] DN Gem recent (cont'd)

Ohshima ohshima at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Thu Feb 28 19:00:56 JST 2008

DN Gem recent (cont'd)

  For general info see:

  YYYYMMDD(UT)   mag  observer
  20031022.822   <90  (Keith Geary)
  20040404.558  149C  (Masayuki Moriyama)
  20040425.533  156C  (Masayuki Moriyama)
  20050205.762  <133C  (Masayuki Moriyama)
  20050211.681  157:C (Masayuki Moriyama)
  20060315.885  15.96CV  (Diego Rodriguez)
  20061224.010  16.02CV  (Diego Rodriguez)
  20061224.010  16.02CV  (Diego Rodriguez)
  20070105.978  15.90CV  (Diego Rodriguez)
  20070119.912  16.07CV  (Diego Rodriguez)
  20071026.499  15.63CV  (Daniel Mendicini)
  20080112.976  16.19CV  (Diego Rodriguez)
  20080225.932  15.91CV  (Diego Rodriguez)

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