[vsnet-alert 10044] Another Possible Nova in Cyg; prenova in IPHAS survey and ROSAT catalog

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Fri Apr 11 10:22:18 JST 2008

   According to CBAT's Unconfirmed Observations Page, a new possible
nova has been reported in Cyg (mag = 7.7C).

   It is noteworthy that the prenova was recorded in IPHAS survey of
emission line stars.

194301.9 +321913 (2000.0) IPHAS_J194301.98+321913.5 em R=18.174 R-I=0.651 R-Ha=0.631 MNRAS384,1277 

   The likely ROSAT identifications:

194301.2 +321908 (2000.0) 1WGAJ1943.0+3219 0.0247 0.15 1.26 1.06 0.42 obs=1993.278
194301.9 +321912 (2000.0) 2RXP_J194302.0+321912 0.0259P 0.97 0.14 931005
194302.1 +321905 (2000.0) 1RXPJ194302+3219.1 0.0260 0.98 0.10

   The object is thus potentially a nearby CV undergoing a nova outburst,
or was bright at the epoch of ROSAT observations (cf. V2487 Oph).
If the object was caught during the rise, it might become a naked-eye nova.

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