[vsnet-alert 10215] Re(2): Possible Nova in Oph

Korotkiy Stas planet171 at yandex.ru
Mon May 26 21:50:19 JST 2008


We can confirm the presence of a relatively bright counterpart at coordinates (scale 2.63"/pix):
R.A. = 17h39m50s.95 (+/-0.1223"), Decl. = -23o 50'01".10 (+/-0.2196") (equinox 2000.0; UCAC-2 catalogue reference stars).

Our multicolor photometry provides the following values: 2008 May. 26.457UT, V=+10.46, R=+10.01.

2008 05 26.45782UT R=+10.01

Ref#1: E_USNOA U0600_27990207, R=11.60;
Ref#2: E_USNOA U0600_27996315, R=11.20;
Ref#3: E_USNOA U0600_28031092, R=11.40. 

2008 05 26.45676UT V=+10.46

Ref#1: TYC6827-00734-1, V=9.63;
Ref#2: TYC6827-00730-1, V=10.37;
Ref#3: TYC6827-00532-1, V=9.92.

Our image of this transient is available at the following Url: http://astroalert.ka-dar.ru/2008/05/26/nova-ophiuchus-2008/

Korotkiy Stanislav (SC "Ka-Dar", Moscow, Russia) and Elenin Leonid (Moscow, Russia)

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