[vsnet-alert 10337] re possible nova in Aquila - vizier page

bydra at Safe-mail.net bydra at Safe-mail.net
Sat Jul 19 08:21:22 JST 2008

Ah, cracked it, just had to swap viz-bin to cgi-bin in the url.

This'll likely be the old vizier engine soon, probably running in tandem for a while whilst the new update comes into force, for folk who play with script access.  We'll see what we shall see, I'm nought but guessing.

Anyway, for the object Brian Skiff gives in his post, using the 2MASS coordinates he quotes, use this url, which is all one line, I'll surround it in <> in the hope it'll link, but if it wordwraps, you'll have to fix it.


The bottommost entry on that page is the NSVS red variables table from that paper, click on the 1 at the leftmost column and you'll get this




John Greaves

yeah, me.

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