[vsnet-alert 10543] Fw: Re: POSSIBLE NOVA IN AQUILA

Daisaku NOGAMI nogami at kwasan.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Thu Sep 25 11:54:44 JST 2008

Dear colleagues,

K. Ayani obtained a low resolution spectrum of the possible nova
in Aquila through thin clouds, which was discovered by K. Itagaki
(CBET 1512).  He used a 101cm telescope at the Bisei Astronomical
Observatory, and the exposure time was 600sec.  The observations
time was Sep. 24.5(UT).  The spectrum is viewed at:

This spectrum has a very red continuum, and the component bluer
than 600nm was not detected under this condition.  We can see
only quite broad Halpha emission line with FWHM of 6300 km/s
(13.8nm), and atmospheric absorptions.  Note that the sharp
peak around 630nm is due to noises.

Best regards,
Daisaku Nogami

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