[vsnet-alert 10774] nova in Sgr

Hiroyuki Maehara maehara at kwasan.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Tue Dec 2 20:17:35 JST 2008

 According to CBET 1591, W. Liller discovered an apparent nova 
in Sgr (R.A. = 18h22m.0, Decl. =-28d03'). 
CBET 1591 has also reported that a pair of objective-grating spectrograms 
taken on Nov. 30.013 by W. Liller shows a very strong H-alpha emission 
with a FWHM of ~2500km/s.

 I obtained Ic, Rc, and V-band images of the nova.
The brightness of the object is around V~8.8.

object         YYYYMMDD(UT)   mag      code
SGRnova2008-2  20081202.36281 7.56:Ic  Mhh.VSOLJ
SGRnova2008-2  20081202.36315 7.88Rc   Mhh.VSOLJ
SGRnova2008-2  20081202.36362 8.76:V   Mhh.VSOLJ

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