[vsnet-alert 11748] SEKBO J140454.00-102702.14 outburst

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Wed Dec 23 12:40:18 JST 2009

SEKBO J140454.00-102702.14 outburst

   Catalina detected another outburst of this CV (originally selected
for RR Lyr candidates).  This is the second outburst of this object
detected by Catalina.

   The existence of relatively large modulations in quiescence may
suggest a large inclination (or contribution of the secondary?)

912200090754117341 2009-12-20T12:52:58 2009-12-20T12:45:58 14 04 53.96 -10 27 02.2 16.30 16.36 16.60 16.60 http://nesssi.cacr.caltech.edu/catalina/20091220/912200090754117341.html

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