[vsnet-alert 11815] Re: FZ Cet (=NSV 601) outburst

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Tue Feb 16 10:08:23 JST 2010

FZ Cet = NSV00601

   The object is most likely an SU UMa-type dwarf nova (superoutburst
in 2001).  Time-resolved photometry is encouraged.
A. Henden reported a quiescent magnitude of V=19.12 (vsnet-alert 8639).


[vsnet-alert 8620] NSV 601 = New dwarf nova

Dear colleagues,

I have found a new dwarf nova in ASAS data.
It is NSV 601, although the GCVS position and identification for NSV 601 is 
for another star, 2MASS J01422764-2216294 (J= 14.53; J-K 0.47) and 2UCAC 
22828004 (mag. 15.89). It is in the NPM1 catalogue (NPM -22.0272) with V= 
15.64 and B-V= 0.68.

The new UG is not in 2MASS or UCAC2 (no outbursts in NSVS either)

It is in the PHL Catalog of faint blue stars at 18.7p. This one IS the star. 
The PHL position agrees with ASAS. The fact that it is a blue star confirms 
the identification.
PHL 3638 is also:
USNO A-2.0 0675-00607322 = 01 42 25.249 -22 15 57.16 (B= 18.4)
USNO B-1.0 0677-0026724 = 01 42 25.28 -22 15 58.3 (B= 18.8)
GSC2.2 S00300011770 = 01 42 25.247 -22 15 56.73 (Bj= 18.48)

It is not in the 2005 version of the Downes catalogue.

The maximum magnitude in the 15-days long outburst recorded by ASAS (the 
only one to date in November 2001) is V= 12.2.
It is ASAS 014225-2216.0. See the lightcurve here:

NSV 601 is 12.2 at maximum (12.2 - <14.4) and it is BV 1187.

So NSV 601 is USNO A-2.0 0675-00607322 and it is a new UG star with an 
approximate range 12.2 - 18.7.

Which subtype it is and future work is in the hands of you, CV specialists!
Surely you will look at photographic plates and find more outbursts of this 

Best wishes,

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