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Mati Morel mmorel7 at bigpond.com
Sun Jun 13 11:47:53 JST 2010

I have had a close look at Rob's images.  At maximum, WX is a close match to HD 163798, (2000) 
17:58:46.84 -17:45:30.0,  V=9.44  B-V =1.19.
At  (presumed) minimum  WX Sgr is a good match to TYC 6254-2472,  V =11.52 (0.027) from ASAS-3.
These values, 9.4v and 11.5v  are consistent with the GCVS range of 9.3 -11.3p. Perhaps the true 
minimum is slightly fainter than the value derived from ASAS-3 data, being very sharp.
Mati Morel
Variable  Stars South
mmorel7 at bigpond.com
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> About 2 hours ago, I imaged a wide field that included the eclipsing binary
> WX SGR.   I haven't been able to image this field since 2 June, but the
> magnitude tonight was considerably lower than it normally is.  I have no
> idea how this star behaves or whether this is a notable event or not.
> http://i727.photobucket.com/albums/ww271/Rob_Kau/WXSGRanimation.gif
> Cheers -
> Rob Kaufman
> Bright, Vic, Australia
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