[vsnet-alert 12529] OT J012059.6+325545: late-stage superhumps, stage C transition?

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Sun Dec 26 13:34:28 JST 2010

OT J012059.6+325545: late-stage superhumps, stage C transition?

   Terskol team (Maksim Andreev, relayed by E. Pavlenko) has reported
high-quality observations of the late stage of the plateau and subsequent
rapid fading stage.  Maehara-san also reported observations on last night.

   The data now more clearly depict the late-stage evolution of superhumps.
The O-C became positive (resultant Pdot = +4.3(0.8)*10^(-5)) near the end
of the plateau phase, accompanied by an increase of the amplitude.
After this, the period appears to have decreased.  An analysis has yielded
a mean period of 0.05753(5) d and a mean amplitude of 0.07 mag.
This period is still significantly longer than the orbital period
(period of early superhumps) while its is by 0.5% shorter than the
superhump period.  The exact identification of these periodicities
should require further continued observations to verify the period of
post-superoutburst superhumps.

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