[vsnet-alert 12557] Possible outburst of 1RXS J072103.3-055854

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 15:24:40 JST 2011

Another X-ray selected dwarf nova 1RXS J072103.3-055854 = USNO-B1.0
0840-0137592 (arxiv:1007.1798) appears to be going into outburst, as
shown by observations with the Bradford Robotic Telescope.

  20101224.156 <18.1CR  BRT
  20110101.150  17.4CR  BRT
  20110103.088  16.8CR  BRT

Comparison star used:
USNO-A2.0 0825-04635300 R.A.=07 21 03.11 Dec.=-05 58 28.0 R=14.6 B=15.4

Color-combined DSS chart: http://hea.iki.rssi.ru/~denis/CV-USNO.html

If confirmed, it will be the first outburst of this CV in Monoceros
observed in real time.

Maximum brightness according to USNO-B1.0 is B1=15.71, R1=15.17. Type,
period and range are still unknown.

Denis Denisenko

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