[vsnet-alert 12558] time series photometry of J2304

Akira Arai arai6a at cc.kyoto-su.ac.jp
Tue Jan 4 03:56:48 JST 2011

We performed time series g'-band photometry of OT J230425.8+062546
for 2 hours on Jan. 3 under the hazy sky at Kyoto Sangyo University.

We detected a possible variation component with very small amplitudes of <
0.05 mag.
The periodicity of the variation is still unknown. No other significant
variations were detected during our run. A similar smll variation are
at Osaka Kyoiku Univ. If OT J230425.8+062546 is a WZ Sge star,
our light curve imply that the object is viewed nearly face-on.

Our light curve and spectrum are shown in the following page:

A. Arai,  Kyoto Sangyo Univ.,
S. Nakagawa, Osaka Kyoiku Univ.
Akira Arai (PD)
Koyama Astronomical Observatory (KAO),
Kyoto Sangyo University
mail : arai6a at cc.kyoto-su.ac.jp

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