[vsnet-alert 12566] Re: FS Aur outburst

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Wed Jan 5 14:30:13 JST 2011

  Enrique de Miguel has reported as follows:

  (My impression is that they are not regular superhumps.  An analysis
of data during the previous outburst yielded an orbital period,
rather than Psh.  Time-series observations in this system are, however,
clearly insufficient)


Comments:     Partly cloudy. Premature stop due to clouds.
              Large amplitude modulations with peak-to-peak
              variations of ~0.4 mags. Using my transformation
              equations from C filter to V, the mean magnitude
              along the time series is <Vmag>=14.17(7).   
              Tonight's run is consistent with P_sh = 0.054(5) d,
              but the coverage is obviously insufficient.

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