[vsnet-alert 13097] ER UMa: at minimum

Ohshima ohshima at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Wed Apr 6 05:00:41 JST 2011

ER UMa: at minimum

 We have received further observations from Akazawa-san, 
Sergey Shugarov, Enrique de Miguel, and Pavol A. Dubovsky.
According to these observations, this object had been at
minimum. ER UMa was still at minimum when we observed tonight
(Three hours ago). At this minimum phase, the amplitude of
negative superhumps is apparently small as mentioned in the 
previous mail. This trend was still seen in the newest data.
This trend may imply that the condition of origin of negative 
superhumps gradually change.
 Considering the fact this object did not negative superhumps
before, this negative superhumps and their cause is thought not
to exist forever. Further observations are required in order to
investigate how the property of negative superhumps evolve in the
long time scale, too.

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