[vsnet-alert 13120] Re: DR UMa outburst

Tom Krajci tom_krajci at tularosa.net
Sat Apr 9 11:31:58 JST 2011

Initial images from Astrokolkhoz at JD2455660.60 show this object to be 
at approx mag 17.2 unfiltered.

On 4/5/2011 8:34 PM, Tom Krajci wrote:
> Initial images from Astrokolkhoz show this object to be about 0.4 mag. 
> brighter than 15 hours ago.
> On 4/5/2011 1:08 PM, Ohshima wrote:
>> Re: DR UMa outburst!
>>   We have received observations from Tom Krajci.
>>   Interestingly, this object is showing periodic variations with the
>> period of ~ 0.08 d and the amplituyde of ~ 0.2 mag. This characteristic
>> implies that this object is SU UMa type dwarf nova. If the dwarf nova
>> emits radio strongly, it seems unusual.
>>   According to these observations, DR UMa was still getting brighter
>> seven hours ago. This obejct may be before the maximum. Further 
>> observations
>> are required!

Tom Krajci
Cloudcroft, New Mexico

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