[vsnet-alert 13879] another possible cataclysmic variable in Aur

Andrey V Samokhvalov sav at surgut.ru
Tue Nov 22 04:32:09 JST 2011

During observations of the field in Aur, Timur Kryachko, Andrey Samokhvalov and Boris Satovsky (Astrotel Caucasus Observatory, Karachay Cherkessya, Russia) discovered a possible cataclysmic variable at position RA=05:56:40.90 Dec=+34:38:46.8 (J2000).
All observations were carried out at Astrotl Caucasus Observatory on 300-mm Ritchey-Chretien telescope, equipped with Apogee Alta U9000  
CCD camera without filters. In total of 5 images with 5-minute exposures were obtained on JD 2455885.
On the POSSII R plate dated 1989-10-28, POSSII B plate, dated 1997-03-09 and POSSII IR plate, dated 1999-01-23 this object not visible.

Object magnitude table:
JD                     CR
2455885.3701    17.643
2455885.3744    17.667
2455885.3798    17.670
2455885.3839    17.633
2455885.3878    17.589

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