[vsnet-alert 14641] J214332.94+461222.2 outburst detected by MASTER

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 18:55:33 JST 2012

Sergey Shurpakov has found an outburst of the dwarf nova
J214332.94+461222.2 (unfiltered mag 15.4) on the images obtained by
MASTER-Amur robotic telescope (Lipunov et al., 2010) on 2012 June
06.709 and 06.741 UT. This variable was originally discovered by LOSS
in July 2005 (Baek and Li, IAUC 8574) and deserved the mention in IAU
Circular due to being rather close (~2') to the large spiral galaxy
UGC 11800. Actually there's yet another fainter galaxy within 0.2'
from the variable, as can be seen on DSS image
(color-combined with the 5'x'5 FOV). There's also a nearby 18m star 4"
NW of the variable visible on MASTER images. Animation of MASTER
images obtained on 2012 June 01 (quiescence) and on June 06 (outburst)
is uploaded here:
http://master.sai.msu.ru/static/OT/J2143+4612-MASTER-anim.gif (4'x4'
FOV resized from 1.88"/pixel to match the DSS image scale).

AAVSO database has two dozen negative observations (upper limits) by
Eddy Muyllaert. This seems to be the second detected outburst of this
variable whose orbital period is yet unknown. Star is hardly visible
on the combination of DSS images meaning the quiescent magnitude about
21 and outburst amplitude ~5m. Photometry is encouraged.

Denis in Moscow

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