[vsnet-alert 14652] Re: J214332.94+461222.2 outburst detected by MASTER

Gianluca Masi gianluca at bellatrixobservatory.org
Sat Jun 9 09:53:26 JST 2012

Dear Colleagues,

I checked this star and found it on Jun 08.99 UT at mag. 17.5 (unfiltered). I 
covered it for about 1.5 hours and could not see any obvious superhump-like 
modulation, at least larger than 0.2/0.3 mag.


Denis Denisenko ha scritto:
> Sergey Shurpakov has found an outburst of the dwarf nova
> J214332.94+461222.2 (unfiltered mag 15.4) on the images obtained by
> MASTER-Amur robotic telescope (Lipunov et al., 2010) on 2012 June
> 06.709 and 06.741 UT. This variable was originally discovered by LOSS
> in July 2005 (Baek and Li, IAUC 8574) and deserved the mention in IAU
> Circular due to being rather close (~2') to the large spiral galaxy
> UGC 11800. Actually there's yet another fainter galaxy within 0.2'
> from the variable, as can be seen on DSS image
> http://master.sai.msu.ru/static/OT/J2143+4612-BRIR5x5.jpg
> (color-combined with the 5'x'5 FOV). There's also a nearby 18m star 4"
> NW of the variable visible on MASTER images. Animation of MASTER
> images obtained on 2012 June 01 (quiescence) and on June 06 (outburst)
> is uploaded here:
> http://master.sai.msu.ru/static/OT/J2143+4612-MASTER-anim.gif (4'x4'
> FOV resized from 1.88"/pixel to match the DSS image scale).
> AAVSO database has two dozen negative observations (upper limits) by
> Eddy Muyllaert. This seems to be the second detected outburst of this
> variable whose orbital period is yet unknown. Star is hardly visible
> on the combination of DSS images meaning the quiescent magnitude about
> 21 and outburst amplitude ~5m. Photometry is encouraged.
> Denis in Moscow

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