[vsnet-alert 14694] Possible Nova in Sgr is asteroid (139) Juewa

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 07:48:36 JST 2012

Dear all,

Possible Nova reported in vsnet-alert 14692 and ATel 4202 is most
likely the minor planet (139) Juewa. According to Minor Planet
Checker, it was within 0.2' from the position of MASTER transient on
2012 06 21.33 UT having a magnitude V=12.3, well in agreement with the
MASTER's unfiltered magnitude of 11.8. The check for the minor planet
*was* routinely performed during the initial analysis of the optical
transient at our team in Moscow. The software at our end has provided
MPChecker with the appropriate coordinates of the OT, but the
observation time was incorrectly formatted. Our programmers will
investigate the reason of the coding error in MASTER-ICATE
web-interface and fix it. Meanwhile please accept the apologies for
the false alarm and disregard the possible Nova candidate PNV

Denis Denisenko

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