[vsnet-alert 14922] Re: Possible bright CV in Peg? - PNV J23272715+0855391

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 07:24:15 JST 2012

MASTER-Tunka automatic photometry of PNV J23272715+0855391 = SDSS
J232727.14+085538.7 (unfiltered with USNO-B1.0 R2 zeropoint):

  20120913.659  13.11C  MASTER-Tunka
  20120913.662  13.14C  MASTER-Tunka
  20120913.665  13.07C  MASTER-Tunka
  20120913.668  13.04C  MASTER-Tunka
  20120913.671  13.08C  MASTER-Tunka
  20120913.674  13.10C  MASTER-Tunka

MASTER is known for systematically providing "brighter" magnitudes
compared to other observers by as much as 0.5m, so this does not
necessarily mean the brightening of the object since the discovery by
K. Itagaki.

Denis Denisenko

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