[vsnet-alert 15928] Recent ASASSN list

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Sun Jul 7 09:00:33 JST 2013

Recent ASASSN list

   ASASSN DNe have not been reported so frequently.  This may be
due to the lack of HMS+dms type coordinates, with which optical
observers are most familiar.  I have converted the coordinates
of the most recent transients.

   I wish the ASASSN team to provide the coordinates in this
format, too, and the calendar date of discovery/observation
in addition to MJD.  (In my opinion, MJD-50000 is rather confusing
since MJD is already defined as JD-2400000.5).

ASASSN-13bd 235957.98 -125431.3 15.06  <- new DN, amplitude about 5 mag
ASASSN-13bc 180222.44 +455249.7 15.91
ASASSN-13az 184258.18 +734228.5 14.42
ASASSN-13ax 180005.78 +525635.3 13.51

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