[vsnet-alert 16024] ASAS-SN Transients Update 2013/07/18-2013/07/20

Krzysztof (Kris) Stanek kstanek at astronomy.ohio-state.edu
Sun Jul 21 03:05:49 JST 2013

ASAS-SN 2013 July 18-20 transients update:


Update for the last 3 nights: added 1 new object and 3 known objects
(see the list below and link above for classification).

For objects already in ASAS-SN transient list, ASASSN-13bq is a confirmed 
CV, SDSSJ170324.09+320953.2 is getting brighter (V=13.3), MASTER OT 
J174902.10+191331.2 is V=14.8, ASASSN-13bp is V=15.9, ASASSN-13bm is 
V=14.9, ASASSN-13bq is V=15.6 and VZ Aqr is V=13.8.

WARNING: All V-band magnitudes reported are only approximate. Also, they 
represent not the total brightness of the source, but rather the excess 
flux compared to the reference (long-term median) image (only for a 
completely new source, like a freshly discovered SN, these two numbers are 
the same).

Object added              RA (J2000)    DEC (J2000)  Disc. Date       V mag
AR And                   01:45:03.2     37:56:33.2    2013-07-20.53  12.92
SS UMi                   15:51:22.13    71:45:11.8    2013-07-20.36  15.22
ASASSN-13br              17:03:43.01    66:07:45.5    2013-07-19.34  14.84
CSS090531:222724+284404  22:27:24.52    28:44:05      2013-07-18.39  15.63

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