[vsnet-alert 16552] Re: MASTER OT J015016.17+375620.5 bright outburst!

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko at gmail.com
Thu Oct 24 18:20:03 JST 2013

Object has brightened by yet another 0.3m since the last night!

MASTER OT J015016.17+375620.5 = 1RXS J015017.0+375614
  20131016.093  15.95C  BRT
  20131023.051  14.43C  BRT
  20131024.150  14.11C  BRT

I have updated the light curve at

Eddy Muyllaert in [cvnet-outburst 5677] has reported magnitude 14.70C
from another BRT image on Oct. 23.1174 (last night). As I explained,
we are taking different magnitudes for the same comparison star. I use
R=14.1 from USNO-A2.0 and Eddy probably takes V=14.5 from AAVSO. When
I will be reporting the magnitudes to AAVSO, I'll re-measure all my 20
BRT images.

Andrew Drake has also informed me that this object was detected by
Catalina Sky Survey at its historical brightest state on Oct. 23. Here
is the Catalina light curve for this star:

Denis Denisenko

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