[vsnet-alert 16578] MASTER OT J234843.23+250250.4: double peaked superhumps period

Gianluca Masi gianluca at bellatrixobservatory.org
Wed Oct 30 08:01:23 JST 2013

Dear Colleagues,

We performed time resolved photometry  on this source, remotely using the 
robotic 14" unit part of the Virtual Telescope in Italy. The run lasted 4 hours.

The source was at mag. 15.5R (unfiltered).

It shows beautiful double-peaked superhumps, with alternate, slightly different 
amplitudes of about 0.15 mags.

A period search provided a candidate of Psh=1.52(3) hours. Apparently, peaks are 
not exactly Psh/2 apart in time.

Data sent to Kyoto for analysis.

Gianluca Masi
Patrick Schmeer
Francesca Nocentini

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