[vsnet-alert 16580] CSS OT J004305.61+370332.5 outburst

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 23:30:46 JST 2013

MASTER-Tunka has independently detected an outburst of this
cataclysmic variable discovered by Catalina Sky Survey two days ago
(15.5m on Oct. 28):

CSS OT J004305.61+370332.5
  20131030.4765 15.21C  MASTER-Tunka
  20131030.4779 15.17C  MASTER-Tunka
  20131030.4793 15.19C  MASTER-Tunka
  20131030.5095 15.38C  MASTER-Tunka
  20131030.5118 15.36C  MASTER-Tunka

Position measured by the robot: 00 43 05.56 +37 03 33.3
The variable is located 4.2 deg south of M31, so the past outbursts
may be found in archival photographic plates centered at M31.
Catalina light curve at
shows another outburst in November 2007 (15.3m on Nov. 10, 16.7m on
Nov. 19).

The variable at quiescence is identical to the blue star:
SDSS J004305.60+370332.2 (u=19.36 g=19.56 r=19.24 i=19.23 z=19.18)

USNO-B1.0 1270-0011965 (00 43 05.640 +37 03 32.42 B1=19.60 R1=19.64
B2=20.98 R2=19.16 I=N/A)
GALEX J004305.6+370333 (FUV=21.23+/-0.30, NUV=21.20+/-0.20)
Catalogue of UV-bright sources behind M31 halo (Fittingoff et al.,
2009) gives a better accuracy in position: GALEX J004305.63+370332.4
(FUV=21.01+/-0.08, NUV=20.80+/-0.04).

Denis Denisenko
Member of MASTER team at SAI MSU

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