[vsnet-alert 16722] NSV 14681 bright outburst

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko at gmail.com
Sat Dec 21 02:25:08 JST 2013

MASTER-Tunka robotic telescope has detected the bright outburst of
this dwarf nova in Andromeda:

NSV 14681
  20131220.456  14.64C  MASTER-Tunka
  20131220.457  14.65C  MASTER-Tunka
  20131220.458  14.67C  MASTER-Tunka
  20131220.492  14.67C  MASTER-Tunka
  20131220.493  14.65C  MASTER-Tunka
  20131220.494  14.65C  MASTER-Tunka

MASTER outburst and reference images:

Coordinates measured by the robot (average of 6 detections):
23 43 24.90 +42 08 41.0

The star at minimum is present in SDSS photometric catalog (release 9):
SDSS J234324.81+420841.0
u=20.25 g=20.18 r=19.89 i=19.60 z=19.20

The paper "Dwarf novae characterization using SDSS colors" by Taichi
Kato et al. (2012) gives the period estimate of 0.091d, 87%
probability of the variable being UGSU-type dwarf nova and 13% of

There is another (redder) component within 3" present in SDSS, 2MASS
and WISE which contaminates the magnitude estimates of the variable at
minimum light.

Catalina Sky Survey light curve:

The star has an UV counterpart in GALEX data:
GALEX J234324.8+420840 (FUV=21.20+/-0.19 NUV=20.67+/-0.08)

Denis Denisenko
Member of MASTER team at SAI MSU

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