[vsnet-alert 16885] MASTER OT J065140.54+480441.6 early detection

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 22:39:15 JST 2014

Following [vsnet-alert 16884] we have checked MASTER-Amur data and
found pre-discovery images a night before the detection by
MASTER-Tunka. The object was brighter by 0.1m on Feb. 04, as expected
for dwarf nova in superoutburst:

MASTER OT J065140.54+480441.6
  20140204.434   157C   MASTER-Amur
  20140204.435   157C   MASTER-Amur
  20140204.436   158C   MASTER-Amur
  20140204.479   157C   MASTER-Amur
  20140204.480   157C   MASTER-Amur
  20140204.481   158C   MASTER-Amur

Coordinates (average of six measurements): 06 51 40.69 +48 04 40.7

The object was not found in MASTER-Amur data yesterday because of
temporary network problems (very slow connection to

Corrigendum to the reference Astronomer's Telegram (V. Shumkov et al.)
reported in [vsnet-alert 16884]: it should be ATel #5854 - not 5884!
The link was correct: http://www.astronomerstelegram.org/?read=5854

Denis Denisenko

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