[vsnet-alert 16963] Re: Is LMC V1341 in eruption?

StephenHovell srh at xtra.co.nz
Mon Mar 3 21:32:18 JST 2014

My last observation was on 25 Feb and I recorded it at <143.

Stephen [HSP]

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> On 4/03/2014, at 0:54, Rob Kaufman <rob.kau at gmail.com> wrote:
> I imaged the field of this recurrent nova tonight and there seems to be a
> faint star at the position, as far as I can tell given the scale.  Could
> someone have a look?  Unfortunately it's not far above the noise level of
> my image - however it is faintly visible in each of the subs I took (7 x 30
> sec).  MPChecker revealed nothing near the position. Here is the link:
> http://i727.photobucket.com/albums/ww271/Rob_Kau/V1341LMC03Mar2014textb.jpg
> In the green channel it would be around mag 14.5 (~V).  There was nothing
> visible there last night in an image to the same depth.
> Thanks - hope it's not a false alarm.
> Rob Kaufman
> Bright, Vic, Australia

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