[vsnet-alert 17511] V544 Her outburst

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Sun Jul 20 10:24:34 JST 2014

V544 Her outburst

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The object is most likely a CV with a K-type secondary.
No superhumps were detected in 2009 June, although only
one-night observation was available.

PASJ 64, 62 also indicated that this object is

--- 	V544 Her 	------- 	16:38:5.4 	8:37:58.9 	2014-07-19.35 	15.35 	SDSS 	DSS 	VIZIER 	------- 	known CV, outburst caught early, V>17.0 on 2014-07-18.35, V=15.65 on 2014-07-19.31

HERV544 20140718.35 <170V ASN
HERV544 20140719.31 15.65V ASN
HERV544 20140719.35 15.35V ASN

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