[vsnet-alert 17512] PNV J23052314-0225455: new transient (12.3 mag) in Pisces

Patrick Schmeer pasc1312-aavso at yahoo.de
Sun Jul 20 10:26:51 JST 2014

PNV J23052314-0225455
R.A. 23h05m23.36s  Decl. -02°25'48.3"  (J2000.0)


2014 07 19.738
Discovered by M. Mukai, Kogoshima, Japan, on three
20-s frames (limiting mag.= about 14) using 105-mm
f/2.8 lens + CCD (STL-6303E), who writes nothing
is visible at this location on his past frames taken
on 2013 June 13.746 (limit mag.= 14.4) and
2014 June 12.759 UT (limit mag.= about 13) using
same patrol camera, and also who writes there is a
star of mag.= 18.7 on USNO-A2.0 R at this location.

2014 07 19.9945
This transient was observed on 2014 07 19.9945 by
G. Masi, remotely using the 17"-f/6.8 robotic unit part
of the Virtual Telescope Project facility, at Bellatrix
Astronomical Observatory in Ceccano, Italy.
30-seconds exposures, unfiltered, show the source at
mag. 12.5 (R mags for the reference stars from UCAC-4).
We also performed astrometry, getting the following end
figures: 23.36; 48.3 (J2000.0, mean residuals of 0.2" on
both axes).

A VizieR search revealed the following nearby (blue) object:

USNO-A2.0 0825-19853191
R.A. 23h05m23.246s  Decl. -02°25'47.62"  (J2000.0)
B= 17.9 mag, R= 18.7 mag

USNO-B1.0 0875-0807888
R.A. 23h05m23.342s  Decl. -02°25'48.59"  (J2000.0)
B1= 18.86 mag, B2= 19.65 mag, R1= 18.89 mag,
R2= 20.09 mag

GSC2.3 SB58002460
R.A. 23h05m23.328s  Decl. -02°25'48.34"  (J2000.0)
F= 19.69 mag, Bj= 19.57 mag

SDSS J230523.35-022548.5
R.A. 23h05m23.356s  Decl. -02°25'48.55"  (J2000.0)
u= 20.021 mag, g= 19.787 mag, r= 19.742 mag

GALEX J230523.3-022549
R.A. 23h05m23.340s  Decl. -02°25'49.00"  (J2000.0)
FUV= 21.32 mag, NUV= 20.97 mag

AllWISE J230523.31-022548.0
R.A. 23h05m23.318s  Decl. -02°25'48.09"  (J2000.0)
W1= 17.571 mag, ...


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