[vsnet-alert 19073] ASASSN-15po: stage A superhumps and mass ratio

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Thu Sep 24 15:27:57 JST 2015

ASASSN-15po: stage A superhumps and mass ratio

   Maeda-san, Osaka Kyoiku U. team, Itoh-san, Neustroev's team,
Shugarov's team, Colin Littlefield, Javier Ruiz,
Pavol A. Dubovsky, Enrique de Miguel, Tamas Tordai,
Ian Miller, Josch Hambsch and Kiyota-san have reported 
new observations.
   Since Sep. 21, the amplitudes of singly-peaked humps
have been steadily growing, and we finally identify
this signal as stage A superhumps.
The period is 0.05183(5) d.  The fractional superhump
excess corresponds to q=0.070 and this value is
well determined (q is somewhat smaller than those of
ordinary WZ Sge-type dwarf novae).  Very good observations!
Please cottect the point of the appearance of ordinary
superhumps (vsnet-alert 19070) to be 15.3 mag.
The distance is 10% larger.
Please continue the present excellent coverage.

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