[vsnet-alert 19072] V677 And outburst progress

Lew Cook lew.cook at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 09:21:18 JST 2015

Last night's data lends credence to Enrique de Miguel theory (about it
having twice the period and possibly being an eclipser). I had a long run
(for me, at least) last night.

I ran all 3 night's data thru PERANSO using ANOVA. Indeed, I got a large
peak at 0.068 days. Because I hadn't run that long in the previous 2
nights, I didn't set the limits to search wide enough to catch it. Thanks
to Enrique (and more data) this time, I did!

The data has a large amount of scatter, as you would expect it to for a
star in the mag 18 (CV) range. Nevertheless, the variation is quite evident.

A plot of the 2 phased light curve is attached.


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