[vsnet-alert 20843] DDE 73 = GALEX J060218.6+630745 outburst

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 08:50:02 JST 2017

The recently identified dwarf nova in Camelopardalis is in outburst on the
latest image from ART (Autonomous Robotic Telescope, www.telescope.org)

DDE 73
  20170328.878  <178CV  ART
  20170329.898  <178CV  ART
  20170330.944  16.2CV  ART  Outburst!

SDSS colors suggest a short orbital period (likely UGSU or even UGER type
dwarf nova):
u=17.54 g=17.45 r=17.28 i=17.20 z=17.12

Coordinates of DDE 73 (SDSS position):
06 02 18.60 +63 07 45.2

AAVSO VSX entry:
CTRS range: 14.5-17.5: (very active object with a short outburst cycle)

Comparison star used: 06 02 13.71 +63 08 32.6 with V=15.58 from APASS DR9.

Denis Denisenko (DDE)

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