[vsnet-alert 20842] OV Boo: constant period but various profiles

Keisuke Isogai isogai at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Fri Mar 31 04:36:27 JST 2017

OV Boo: constant period but various profiles

     Crimean Astrophys. Obs. team(E. Pavlenko, O. Antonyuk, A. Simon and N. Pit),
Maeda-san, Arto Oksanen, Enrique de Miguel, Lew Cook, Domenico Licchelli,
Shawn Dvorak, Itoh-san, Shugarov's team, Tamas Tordai, Geoff Stone, Osaka Kyoiku
U. team, Kiyota-san and Kyoto U. team have reported new observations.
     OV Boo is about 14.0 V now. The object shows the stage B superhumps with
almost constant period. The averaged period is 0.046849 (4) d. The profiles of the
stage B superhumps has varied. The object showed double-wave modulations
on March 28 but have shown single-wave ones since March 29. The duration of
eclipses is about 0.20 phase.
     Further observations are encouraged.

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