[vsnet-alert 21785] Re: PNV J17180658-3204279: possible nova (11.0 mag) in Scorpius

FIDRICH Róbert fidusz at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 05:34:21 JST 2018

PNV J17180658-3204279   20180118.2473UT 10.722V (0.042) FID

Astrometry: 17:18:06.37 -32:04:27.7

(Estimated accuracy of the plate solution: 0.25")

Ensemble photometry of 2x30s CCD images made by Robert Fidrich, Hungary 
using the 0.51m T31 telescope of iTelescope network at Siding Spring, 
Australia. The photometry was calibrated using APASS V data using UCAC4 


Clear skies,

Robert Fidrich

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